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15 Dumb Things that Absolutely Don’t Predict Job Success

“The best Executives… relied on 3 simple hiring principles.” [I’ve only been performing in the Staffing Industry 26 years, not Lou Adler’s 40. I can’t emphasize enough however, that though I might use different terminology, his insight in effective hiring is unparalleled in my opinion. To reduce effective hiring criteria even further, the best executive’s I’ve […]

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What a Staffing Specialist Really Does

[Reading this article brought me back over 26 years. My company had been acquired and an offer to relocate did not make sense for my family when I wasn’t confident in the business model in the first place. It took 13 years for them to get crushed by Walmart. I wasn’t seduced by a Job […]

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6 Things My Client Companies EXPECT From My IT Staffing Services

 Why do Clients keep coming back and referring others after 25 years? My process—explain the rigor I take to refine the search description, to manage expectations of everyone, and for delivering quality candidates and take them all the way through the recruiting and hiring cycle. There are 32 steps of action and vigilance backed with […]

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