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Over 30 years building industry relationships
in Information Technology drive our
performance recruiting for key people.


  1. To help client organizations and prospective candidates understand their real needs.
  2. To help client organizations and candidates find the shortest route to growth.
  3. To stay ahead of the evolving pace of business process needs, technology tools, and available human resource skills to be recognized as a primary staffing solution.
  4. To provide the most effective means for client organizations to communicate with the most qualified candidates available.
  5. To continue professional education and contribution on legal and progressive human resource development issues.
  6. To maintain and participate in local and international compensation surveys.
  7. To develop and nurture a network of best practice organizations, affiliate recruiting partners and qualified candidates.
  8. To assure continued viability and growth of Franklin Key Associates and our client organizations by fairly valuing our services.
  9. To gain the trust and confidence of our market by giving as much as we receive.
  10. To be the best at what we offer… CUSTOMER FIRST!