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6 Things My Client Companies EXPECT From My IT Staffing Services

 Why do Clients keep coming back and referring others after 25 years?ConferenceDiscussion-web

  1. My process—explain the rigor I take to refine the search description, to manage expectations of everyone, and for delivering quality candidates and take them all the way through the recruiting and hiring cycle. There are 32 steps of action and vigilance backed with an industry certification .
  2. Finding new talent— this is one of the most distinctive features offered. With over 30 years of industry relationship building, I have access to people that companies do not through their usual recruiting efforts. Employ trusted integrity, knowledge of the market, career paths, and technology. A growing foundation of over 8000 contacts feeds this; not job boards.
  3. Speed—how quickly I can put candidates in front of them who can deliver on the reason for hiring?
  4. Accuracy—speed is important, but my clients also want to see only candidates who accurately match the required skills, with a delivery track record, personality and motivation to ‘fit’.
  5. Accepted offers/show-ups—Companies don’t care how many quality candidates I present if none of those people accept the offers when they’re extended or they don’t show up for the first day of work.
  6. Longevity—once a direct candidate is hired, companies don’t want to re-fill that position for at least three years. On the contract side, they want people who will stay the entire length of the contract.

This differentiated list for my practice uses a concept borrowed from Greg Doersching.  Greg is Creator and Owner of Bullseye Recruiting – one of the more comprehensive Recruiting Training programs in the country with someone who also operates a recruiting desk.  He is also the Vice President of Search Operations for the Daniel Group, a national search firm with offices throughout the USA. He can be reached at http://www.danielgroupus.com/

The best source of gratification in my mind with this ‘craftsman’s like approach’ comes through unsolicited testimonials!

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