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If you don’t know where you’re going, any direction will take you there. We help you define your inventory of marketable skills. In your “ideal” next job, you should have 60-80% of the required skills and seek the remaining 20-40% as professional growth. Being flexible on compensation, location, and travel, we will work together to create a career map for YOU. Using our “Career Step-Stool“, we will evaluate you as a self-contained product/corporation where the prospective employer is the consumer. Each new opportunity should be an “S-curve” of innovation. Just before your skills balance with market compensation, you should look for new challenges. Combined with self-initiative, this iterative approach will grow your career.

You are now the product! Your resume should be focused on the market segment you are targeting and, more specifically, the reader that will hire you for your ideal next career step. We’ll provide the guidelines; you’ll supply the relevant accomplishments (versus merely responsibilities). You must describe effect (increased, decreased, deferred, more-with-less, etc.) and a metric (time, money, accuracy, efficiency, etc.). We don’t give you the fish, we teach you how to fish. See our career report, “How to Construct a Dynamite Resume“.

We will discuss your options in terms of opportunities with our clients–who we choose as progressive and offer the skill sets and culture you seek. We also offer market information for your search whether we actually place you or not. One of our strengths is market knowledge that our team shares. You are never represented to a prospective organization without prior discussions and agreement. Working primarily with hiring management, we may discuss your background, without name recognition, to further specify realistic job requirements. We may work with affiliates–select recruiting firms on both a regional and national level. See our career report, “Executive Recruiters: Your Job Search Commando’s“.

As we normally understand the culture of client and prospect companies we work with, we will help you manage your expectations. We expect you to listen to the deliverables of the position as if you had the job and demonstrate enthusiasm for achieving the client’s objectives in line with your own. Your role is to articulate the match and/or get to the next step–interview or offer. Our role is to provide you feedback, coordinate logistics, and negotiate an offer that both you and our client is happy with. Our focus is getting you career growth by solving client business opportunities (we don’t spell opportunity with a “$” in it). See our career report, “How to Master the Art of Interviewing“.

We revert back to our original specification for your career and help you evaluate your choices. See our Career Reports “Position Comparison: How to Evaluate a Job Offer“, “Overcoming the Fear of Change“, and “The Proper Way to Resign“. We have helped manage the careers of countless professionals over the years by providing advice before, during, and after a job change. We offer an objective viewpoint based on market reality at a time when emotion can play into your decision.