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Nurturing the Nectar of an Aging Workforce

With the American labor pool aging swiftly… Employers need to take steps now to adjust so that they can secure the talent they’ll need later, when many of their most-skilled workers call it quits. The demographic forecasts are sobering. By 2022, 35% of all workers will be over 50, versus just 25% of the workforce […]

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After 2017 – Decade Demise of the ‘Headhunter’?

  Jobs that computers won’t take… With 2017 gone, now is a good time to look ahead. Not a few weeks or months into the future, but a decade – from a veteran IT Recruiter’s perspective. I’m one of those who began recruiting after emerging from a career as an IT practitioner. Approaching 30 years […]

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Two Job Markets, Only ONE Career Market

[Edit: There a many ways that a veteran recruiter who has nurtured nearly 10,000 relationships in almost 3 decades can better position you for career growth in your chosen field.  This is particularly true when that recruiter is certified, educated, and a former practitioner in the same career field.  Borrow their network!] Based on reports from […]

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