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Corporate Philosophy

Franklin Key Associates was founded on principles of excellence in service and delivery of optimum value to our clients.  There are many ways to build a successful business enterprise.  Ours is a long-term philosophy that builds a mutually rewarding relationship.  That is, doing it right the first time is the best investment for the future.

“Franklin” was derived from Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of our country and represents integrity, trust, and innovation. “Key” was selected to represent that we choose to work with only the best organizations in a partnership, and we wish to help them attract the most important, “key” human resources to help them grow.  We therefore do not accept assignments from organizations that do not share this philosophy, nor do we work with candidates who do not aspire to be the best at what they do.  We try to create a match where there is a gain for everyone in the partnership.

We feel that the best organizations are comprised of bright, hardworking, innovative, and team oriented people.  Those same organizations value people as an important resource, reward risks, and create policies and an environment to attract and retain the best available talent.   Systems are valued as a competitive advantage.

Franklin Key Associates represent only the best people we can find, as defined by our client. We have developed a network of candidates with exceptional talent and gained the trust to attract this talent. Good people know and associate with other good people and seek relationships of mutual benefit.  We believe that the best people welcome risk to grow and improve themselves and will seek an agency that has the knowledge of organizations to help them advance. We therefore strive to maintain a comprehensive understanding of information technology, best practices, organizational cultures, market competition, and industry trends.  In essence, our major differentiation and the greatest asset for both our clients and the candidates we represent is our accurate market knowledge.

We add to this a depth of carefully selected affiliates around the country, that in their own markets are client-oriented leaders in the recruiting industry.  Input and participation in compiling national Salary Survey and Cost-of-living data expands our regional expertise. When relocation is part of the solution we add a referral network to ease the transition. Updated training in recruiting techniques and constant interaction with information systems professionals and their initiatives assure consistent success in attracting the best candidates for our clients. We offer occupational testing when appropriate to measure general abilities, motivation and interests, and personality characteristics to match the target environment

Candidates we work with have come to know that their career interests are supported.  In fact we discourage attainment of increased compensation at the expense of enhanced marketable skills. Likewise we advise hiring authorities to put their hiring criteria in priority to assure that the best candidate will get an opportunity to grow while helping the new organization achieve its objectives.  Again, we believe the best match is a reciprocal gain, consistent with our long-term partnership orientation.

It takes investment on our part to create the excellence we strive for.  Our efficiency translates to effectiveness for our clients.  As a result we are not the most inexpensive.  We are the best value!

We grow quality organizations one Key associate at a time