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Career Reports

Being prepared is your best tool in ensuring success. The following reports from Bill Radin of Innovative Consulting Inc., will assist you in learning the ins and outs of career transitions.

Overcoming the Fear of Change
Assessing your current and ideal job to build transition readiness

How to Construct a Dynamite Resume
A standout resume is a key tool for generating employer interest

Executive Recruiters: Your Job Search Commandos
Straight talk about an indespensible asset in the placement process

How to Master the Art of Interviewing
How to best present yourself and handle the challenges of an interview

Seven Keys to Interview Preparation
Learn the steps to prepare for the best and worst in an interview

Position Comparison: How to Evaluate a Job Offer
A surefire method for evaluating a job offer

The Proper Way to Resign
How to deal with the sometimes difficult step of resigning