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“The growing global talent gap” – I bristle in disagreement!

[25+ years as a Professional Recruiter refutes this popular excuse.  The GAP exists in effective hiring!] “The growing global talent gap” by @DavidBrudenell on @LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140714134101-2604712-the-growing-global-talent-gap I unapologetically bristle every time I see “Talent Gap” or ‘Skills Gap” mentioned in the context of holding back corporate productivity and growth.  Like ‘Global Warming”, it is not a […]

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Information Governance and the Skills Gap?

If people could pick people, there wouldn’t be a 50% divorce rate. Do we know why? I read a post “Information Governance for the rest of us” by a contact of mine Andrew Sohn this morning.  It gave me another perspective on the data we use to match people.  Whether dating or hiring should we […]

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