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“The growing global talent gap” – I bristle in disagreement!

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[25+ years as a Professional Recruiter refutes this popular excuse.  The GAP exists in effective hiring!]

“The growing global talent gap” by @DavidBrudenell on @LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140714134101-2604712-the-growing-global-talent-gap

I unapologetically bristle every time I see “Talent Gap” or ‘Skills Gap” mentioned in the context of holding back corporate productivity and growth.  Like ‘Global Warming”, it is not a myth – but clearly it is a far more controllable issue by simply upgrading hiring processes:

  • STOP using job descriptions as a grocery list when what you haven’t effectively defined what you are cooking for.
  • Define the business problem with a measure of how the hire will effectively meet the challenge – in a 6 month timeframe (or hire a gun slinging contractor).
  • Rank the candidate criteria in relevant importance to success factors, leaving room for professional growth (Why would a motivated candidate want to leave a job they’ve already done to do the same thing elsewhere?).
  • Get ALL interviewers on the same page putting the organization’s goals above the individual.
  • SELL the opportunity for professional growth, not just ‘must haves’ and ‘preferred’ skills. You are looking for a ‘product’ in demand that has choices and can also say NO.
  • BE a culture that rewards risk, collaborates effectively, and promotes based on measurable accomplishments (the challenges you hired for).
  • Provide candidate honest feedback throughout the hiring process including those NOT selected for an offer.
  • Have a defined training and mentoring program to onboard a new hire specifically to the ‘can learn’ skills and incorporates team effort.
  • Do NOT use silly and artificial hiring metrics such as ‘we need to interview at least five candidates’. That propagates a weak selection process and sends 4 disappointed candidates into the streets to tell your story of decision making.
  • Value your employee referral program with significant rewards. People are the most costly asset of a corporation.
  • Invest in your people. Train them and offer profit sharing to keep them and they will grow YOU!

GREAT companies are a talent magnet and hire smartly.  The rest become the survival of the turnover battle. A-players move on, if not rewarded with professional growth to sharpen their sword elsewhere – because they CAN.  Therein lays the gap!


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