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Ask Job Candidates these 2 Questions to Evaluate Leadership

If one must use a resume for candidate screening, focus on those who describe their work in terms of leading measurable business accomplishments – not responsibilities. Half a leader isn’t good enough. Last week I visited the Boys & Girls of Santa Ana (CA) and was blown away. CEO Robert Santana is changing the lives […]

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10 Tweet-Sized Tips for Recruiting the Strongest Talent

Must preface this entry with full credit as always the Czar of Performance Based Hiring, Lou Adler. The biggest continuous battle in my tenured recruiting career is influencing the buy-in of these concepts by clients. The basic prescription is ranking job requirements in importance to delivering on the reason you are hiring allowing for candidate growth. […]

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10 ways to Identify a Headhunter – and a Thanks!

Committed to always doing the next right thing… I commented last week to a ‘like’ on a post with an image of my smartphone depicting Franklin Key Associates’ mobile friendly website “It’s 2/3 the size of punch cards we started with!”. So much has changed in staffing technology in over a quarter century. Like any […]

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